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Who am I?...
In 1998 I started my career as a financial advisor with a Financial Services Firm.  I worked with that group for a few years during which time I developed a love for helping others succeed.  My passion was taking individuals who had “nothing” as far as they could tell and helping them see the light at the end of the tunnel and see the joy of hope enter back into their lives.
In 2001, I decided to leave the firm that I was working with due to a difference in opinion on what my role was in the lives of my clients and who I should be working with. I started my own firm with a strict focus on helping people.  I developed a financial program for my clients, which I utilized to help many individuals get out of debt and establish strong financial goals.  In 2009 I published my first book entitled, “Real Wealth: A Success Formula”.  This book is based on the program which I created for my clients.
Shortly after launching Ramirez Financial Services I changed the name to NewLine Consulting Services to incorporate all my services that I was offering my clients.  My focus had expanded beyond just providing financial consulting to include management and operational consulting services as well.  I’ve worked with many clients over the years helping them successfully launch their business ventures through business plan writing, acquiring needed financing, and helping them establish operational procedures to ensure lasting success.  As a business plan writer my plans have been lauded as the best plans that lenders have seen.  I’ve been awarded Businessman of the Year several years in a row, and in 2012 I was awarded the 2012 Best Business Idea for Tooele County.  
As a business consultant I've worked with businesses large and small in many locations throughout the world.  I’ve worked with oil and gas companies to medical device manufactures.  My business was built upon the belief that each of us have been put on this earth to make it a better place.  It is incumbent upon each of us to reach out and help others to succeed.

"Real wealth is not defined by your bank account balance, but rather the time that you spend with those you love."
- Alvaro Ramirez - 
Book 1: REAL WEALTH: A Success Formula
With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry Mr. Ramirez has brought together his knowledge and expertise that he has used to help countless clients find financial success and peace in their lives. This book will guide you through the steps necessary to achieve your financial success. The information contained herein would cost you over $1,000 if implemented by Mr. Ramirez, but he has prepared this book to help more people prepare their financial plans and get on the road to success.
Book 2: A Christmas Miracle: A Journey to Faith and Redemption
James is a humble man going through a difficult time in his life. He is seeking peace, but can't seem to find it. Follow his journey to greater faith and peace while learning and experiencing what it means to trust in God.
As a business owner and entrepreneur I work hard to support my wife and children. My family always comes first. I love to learn and grow, and I've found that writing helps me in the learning process. My books that I've written are for my future posterity to teach them principles that I hold dear and believe will provide them a greater understanding of life and how to achieve happiness and peace.
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